Photographer and Art Director
Commercial portfolio on request @marinacoenen

Selected Clients + Publications
Nike, Samsung, Philips, District Vision, Eucerin,
Scotch & Soda, Vogue NL, i-D, Danielle Cathäri, Adidas.

Marina Coenen
Berlin / Amsterdam based 
photographer + art director.

Selected Clients + Publications

District Vision
Scotch & Soda
Vogue NL
Danielle Cathäri

for video DOP - BTS work

Comercial portfolio on request

Project Fearless

DOP and Assistant Director.
A documentary skate film made by an all women and non-binary team for NGO Project Fearless. PF is a Dutch non-profit offering after-school activities for girls in Amsterdam, with a focus on bravery, leadership and community impact, and the hope is that this film challenges the norm and reaches girls and non-binary youth around the world, so that they can see others like them and feel invited to go to the skate park.

more about this film on  Wieden + Kennedy News